Aaaand launch!

Hi there!

I'd like to let you know that Mercenary Miners (MM), my 2D cartoony side scrolling space shooter is finally ready for you to play! And what a ride it has been to finish it! As you may know, I am a dad, computer science lecturer, game developer and lego enthusiast in that order, which means that I have at most a couple of hours per week to spend on my favorite hobby: game development. This game I originally made for Android, but as Android made it impossible for me to keep up with all their demands (all my time would go into updating, filling out forms, creating legal stuff documents and what not), I decided to publish the final version of MM on!

And here it is, ready for you to discover. I made it free and removed all adds to keep it simple for the both of us. I am very curious about what you like about it and what could be better. If you like the game, please check out my other projects as well on

Please note that I made MM compatible for PC as well, so feel free to use your keyboard and mouse:

  • Space bar: switch between ships.
  • Return: activate mega laser-bomb-thing.
  • 'S': use your Special weapon.

Have fun playing Mercenary Miners! For ore and glory!

Thanks for reading and kind regards,

Bob van der Putten
Coded Fun Games


Mercenary Miners Play in browser
Oct 17, 2022

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