switch ships with [spacebar] , power laser with [return] and special weapon with [s]

Who wants to get rich mining precious oretanium while shooting space bugs and pirates? YOU!

Navigate your fighter and miner ships through dangerous sectors filled with nasty creatures and obstacles. Upgrade your ships with hard-earned space cash and get to know the dedicated crew of the Mercenary Miners' finest vessel: The MM Grandson!

  • A new type of shoot'em up: Real-time switching between mining asteroids and fighting enemy ships and creatures.
  • Great replay: Be challenged by a list of achievements! The patrolling mission brings a different challenge every run!
  • Science fiction adventure: Get to know your crew, meet new races and ancient technology during several missions.
  • Mix of multiple mechanics: Missions focus on shooting while dodging enemy projectiles and tricky obstacles.
  • 3 difficulty modes: Casual, Hard and HERO offer different challenges for different gamers.
  • Skippable story: No need to know what's going on? Just want to play? No problem! The story can be disabled with a single tap or click.
  • Unique art style: Like you have never seen before ;-)
  • Play for free without one ad. Ever. Why? Because I want you to have FUN!

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Love to see this released in the end!